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Senior Consultant for Azure Cloud

Azure Governance by CTGlobal 100x700

Copenhagen | US | Full Time

Are you a cloud wizard? An Azure expert? Our customers are migrating to cloud, and we need clever people to help them get there. Do you want to take part in delivering architecture, automation and cloud design for our customers?

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Senior Consultant for Security and Identity

Identity Management by CTGlobal

Copenhagen | US | Full Time

Are you passionate about infrastructure security and identity and access management? Can you identify risk areas and blind spots in Microsoft environments? Would you like to help our customers protect their organization from cybercrime and compliance violations?

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The best person for a great new role

CPH? | US? | Full Time?

Do you have something, you think we need? You’re probably right! We always want to hear from skilled people, who know what they bring to the table, and who like to share and engage. Let us know who you are, and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

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Senior Consultant for Cloud and Data Center

Cloud Security by CTGlobal

Copenhagen | US | Full Time

Do you know your Azure and your data center technologies? Are you good at seeing solutions and spotting issues in complex IT organizations? Would you like to help our customers stay in control of their cloud journey?

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Consultant for Modern Workplace

Digital Workplace by CTGlobal

Copenhagen | US | Full Time

Can you automate and streamline Microsoft infrastructures? Do you know how to deploy and advise our customers on the implementation of Microsoft technologies, and guide them through best practices for client management and data analysis?

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Business Development Manager

Copenhagen | Full Time  

Kan du sælge it-konsulent-ydelser og/eller software-løsninger? Har du indsigt i Microsofts teknologier? Kan du spille hold-bold med dine kollegaer, og se ud over din egen næsetip? Kan du vurdere, hvad kunden reelt har brug for, så det du sælger er den rigtige – ikke bare den nemme, hurtige eller indbringende – løsning?

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Who are you?

You’re someone who gets on – on with people, on with the job, on from whatever didn’t work out.

You know – you truly appreciate and embrace – that you are part of a team. That without the team, you wouldn’t be able to deliver. And without you, the team would not be able to deliver the same quality as when you’re part of it.

You like to share and learn. Because it’s fun to broaden your scope, because you like to help, and because you love to get other people’s perspectives.

You are very good at what you do, and also very much aware that there’s a lot you don’t know. Stuff, you can get better at. And stuff, you should probably just leave to someone who actually does that for a living. And who is good at it, because if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be working on your team.

Maybe you’re an extrovert, who enjoy taking center stage; maybe you’re an introvert, who prefers to do the work and leave the talking to others.

We have plenty of both. And plenty of room for both.

You are certainly reliable and conscientious – you keep at it until you’re done, and you ask for help if you can’t deliver as promised.

And finally: You are just a nice person, generally. You make an effort to do the right thing and do things right, and you are forgiving when someone else falls a little short.

If this sounds a lot like you, you’ll probably fit right in.

Who are we?

We have some incredibly bright people on staff. That’s a well-known fact. The flipside to their genius is … their niceness.

And while not everyone at CTGlobal is an actual genius, joining the team means joining a bunch of geeky and clever human beings, who love what they do, because they do what they love.

Everyone – whether it’s the techies, or sales or management – have an endless appetite for learning new stuff, and picking each other’s brain for new ways to think and see and share.

It’s a team where everyone realizes that together, we are greater than the sum of the individuals in it.

We pitch in and help out where we can, because what makes you stronger, makes us stronger, makes me stronger.

We treat people like – well, people. We care about each other’s well-being and we treat each other the way we’d like to be treated.

And while we work hard, we also have lives – families, friends, hobbies. No one wins, if you work yourself into the ground. A healthy balance between work and play (and laundry, doing the dishes, moving the lawn, and all the other glamorous things we get up to, when we’re out of office …) is essential to being able to deliver and to being content.

That’s how we work. So if you are looking for a place to shine, that’s definitely a possibility here – with and because of the team.

And if you’re looking for a place to grow, you most certainly found it.

Our core values


We are conscientious and considerate


We are truthful and sincere


We are enquiring and tolerant


We are reliable and responsive


We are polite, punctual and flexible