Copenhagen, Denmark. March 3, 2021 — CTGlobal today announced their new status of Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialized Partner for Windows Server and SQL Migration to Azure, a position awarded as a result of a rigorous audit and in recognition of the IT consultancy’s expertise in Azure technologies and cloud migration.

Since Microsoft’s Azure technologies were introduced in the mid-2010s, CTGlobal’s cloud and data center experts have been focused on developing best practices for cloud migration based on Microsoft Azure.

Thanks to sound and trust-based relationships with customers, and a diligent pursuit of knowledge and expertise in the Microsoft Azure communities, CTGlobal have succeeded in developing an expert skillset and tried and tested best practices in Azure, with planning and assessment as key disciplines in all aspects of the processes The focus has also resulted in Microsoft MVP status for several of the company’s consultants, and CTGlobal have long since established a reputation for being the go-to consultants, for enterprises seeking to migrate to the cloud. CTGlobal are established thought leaders in implementing ‘Infrastructure as Code’ which gives organizations all-important control of all essential levers in the cloud platform itself, and also ensures control of cost.

“But it’s one thing to feel confident about what we are doing. It’s quite different to receive this level of acknowledgement from Microsoft, based on an independent audit. We’re very proud to be validated as one of the few solution providers out there who are able to deliver in this field,” says Peter Odgaard-Jensen, CTGlobal CEO.

The audit assessed CTGlobal’s operational capabilities against program requirements for a Microsoft Azure advanced specialization. The assessment comprised of Q&As, and the review of selected processes and procedures, including demonstrations of tools and technologies used by CTGlobal to meet Azure advanced specialization requirements.

 “During the audit [CTGlobal] demonstrated several project management and technical best practices. The level of preparedness for the audit was very high; the quality of the presented projects is remarkable. The audit concludes that CTGlobal fully adheres to the requirements of the Azure Advanced Specialization program,” states the Executive Summary in the Final Report of the audit.

Why is it a big deal?

For CTGlobal, it is of course significant to have their Azure migrations expertise recognized at company level, and not just derived from the MVP status of its employees. CTGlobal’s customers can now feel confident that the best practices and processes recommended by CTGlobal come with the seal of approval from Microsoft itself.

“Cloud migration is a highly complex process. It involves and lot of big decisions, and has ramifications throughout an organization. For a company to embark on this journey, a high level of trust in the advisors guiding you on your way is absolutely paramount. Choosing an advisor with an official stamp of approval as your solution provider, makes it easier to reassure decision-makers that their infrastructure is safe, and will emerge unscathed and improved on the other side,” concludes Peter Odgaard-Jensen.

Requirements for Azure Advanced Specialized Partner for Windows Server and SQL Migration to Azure

  • Gold Cloud Platform competency
    The organization must have an active Gold Cloud Platform competency

  • Azure Certifications
    The organization must have 5 individuals that pass the following certifications (each certification must be held by a different individual): 

    • Azure Administrator Associate 
    • Azure Data Engineer Associate 
    • Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Independent audit 
    • Azure Solutions Architect Expert 
    • Azure Security Engineer Associate
  • Independent Audit
    The organization must pass an independent audit of your Windows Server & SQL Server migration practices. View the most current program requirements and audit checklist here. 

CTGlobal is an IT consultancy and development company focused on cloud, data center, security and enterprise client management. The corporate HQ is based in Denmark with offices in Nordics, Baltics and North America. The company was founded in 1999.

CTGlobal is Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Integration; Windows and Devices; Cloud Platform; Cloud Productivity; and Datacenter, and our experts speak and teach at leading international seminars and conferences. 

CTGlobal helps enterprises maximize return on their investments in Microsoft Systems Management and cloud platform solutions, by visualizing threats to compliance, security and performance in their IT infrastructure, and prioritize tasks and resources accordingly. CTGlobal is renowned for expert solutions and recognized as leaders in the field of management technology and infrastructure visualization.

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