First rule of data-driven endpoint management: Keep track of variations and changes in your software, endpoints and processes.

By Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen, Insight Analytics Business Development Manager
April 29, 2020

Today, we have released version 4.2 of Insight Analytics™

We didn’t plan it that way, when we locked the product roadmap many months ago, but this new version addresses a lot of the IT issues organizations everywhere are experiencing in the current crisis:

In version 4.2, we have focused on features that vastly improve your operational excellence, security posture and compliance efforts.
We have developed features that help you keep track of variations and changes in your software, endpoints and processes, because the first rule of data-driven decision-making is of course that you can rely on your data, and that all the dots are connected, present and accounted for:

So, what’s new in version 4.2?
Here’s a walkthrough of the new features:

1. Application vulnerabilities

Most IT teams know that third-party/non-Microsoft applications are a can of worms, and that they are not running the latest versions. What they don’t know is how many versions they are behind, and how many different versions are floating around in the organization.

This new feature

  • Identifies applications (non-Microsoft as well as Microsoft) that are not updated to the latest version.
  • Enables you to categorize them by threat level to your own infrastructure. You decide what the threat level is to your systems, of a given third-party application if it is not updated. You then categorize whether the application should be identified as ‘green’, ‘yellow’ or ‘red’, depending on how many version updates you are behind the latest release.
  • Enables you to prioritize your work by identifying the worst applications in terms of security
  • Decreases the burden and cost on service desk, because you have a more consistent environment

2. Rodland Client Health Tool

This tool significantly increases patch compliance. It was developed by CTGlobal Senior Consultant Anders Rødland, and is already in use in banks, universities, hospitals, government agencies, national military, and many other sectors, across the US.

Fixing patching is the purpose of this solution. It’s not specific to any category of patches, but fixes the underlaying issues that prevent the machine from patching. If a component for patching breaks, all categories of patching stops working.

The tool:

    • Identifies root causes for unpatched clients
    • Detects and fixes known errors in Windows and ConfigMgr Client
    • Enforces required services to run and start automatically

3. Client State Variations

This feature looks for active devices, device variations and data inconsistency in multiple data sources:

In the best of all worlds a device will be active in all data sources. However, most organizations struggle with inconsistent data.

With this feature, you can see:

  • Client variation on a data source. You can set up a widget that shows you changes to number or share of active devices over a defined period of time.
  • You can also pull a report with an overview of all devices, a subset of devices or a single device. For each device customer you can see last check-in date for each data source. Naturally, you can define your own “active value” as this can be different from organization to organization.

It is also possible to export the list to Excel, for further analysis.

4. Automation

Rather than having to manually log and incorporate changes, our new Automation feature ensures that all changes to software update processes are automatically visualized in Insight Analytics. We have tested the feature in several customer infrastructures and received very positive feedback.

With this feature, Insight Analytics automatically:

  • Registers and reflects changes to software update processes
  • Visualizes approved changes 
  • Documents change processes for compliance tracking
  • Saves resources for manual change logging

5. Integration with Microsoft Azure and Intune 

With more and more workloads being moved to the cloud, it’s just as important to have the same insights into cloud data/devices/compliance as it is to the on-prem world.

Our “Endpoint Manager connector” enables data from Microsoft Azure and Intune to be visualized in Insight Analytics. With the new feature, you are now able to get one-view health data, compliance data, and OS versions from both on-prem ConfigMgr environment and Intune.

I hope you can see the potential in these new features. We are always happy to come by – virtually, and in person when that becomes possible once again – you walk you through how your organization can benefit from these new features, and from Insight Analytics in general. 

I hope you will enjoy the improvements we have made – if you have any questions or suggestions you are always welcome to get in touch with me.

Lisbeth G. Petersen,
Insight Analytics Business Development Manager at CTGlobal
Connect with me on 
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About Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen:

Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen is Business Development Manager for Insight Analytics at CTGlobal. Her focus is on strengthening the customer journey – from onboarding to adoption, to ongoing value creation and user satisfaction. Lisbeth Gjørup Petersen has extensive experience with enterprise adoption of IT, having worked with IT project management in large Danish organizations, including Copenhagen and Frederiksberg municipalities, and the Danish National Police.

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In version 4.2, we have focused on features that vastly improve your operational excellence, security posture and compliance efforts, with more automation to ensure accuracy and efficiency

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