BLOG POST by Kent Agerlund. CTGlobal Founder and Principal Consultant. Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. 

October 1, 2019: 

I am so proud to tell you all that today, October 1st 2019, we celebrate CTGlobal’s 20-year anniversary.

A huge THANK YOU to all the people who have helped make my dream possible:

• The CTGlobal team past and present, who have contributed with all of their skills, energy and enthusiasm;
• The most excellent people in the global tech community, who are a constant source of inspiration, epiphany and support;
• And our partners and customers, who help us constantly grow and evolve to be a better version of ourselves.

CTGlobal, then Coretech, was founded by Kåre Rude Andersen and myself back in 1999 – not because we had ambitions to achieve world domination and make trillions of dollars, but because we loved to nerd around in large infrastructures and tweak them into well-oiled machines. And we wanted to do it our way – with passion, conscientiousness, honesty and fun as the key drivers in our work.

In the beginning we were a bunch of coding and configuration geeks, who would lose ourselves in the jobs we were working on.
And 10 years in, we were getting by just fine: There was an increase in interest from more and more customers, who needed our services; and from the Microsoft community, who wanted to us to engage and knowledge-share.

Our biggest problem was that we wanted to do all of everything at once, and weren’t super-skilled at prioritizing our time.

It was around this time we acknowledged that we might benefit from being just a little bit better at prioritization and strategizing than what came naturally to us. We decided to try to go a little more “business pro” and invite some more business savvy people to join the team…
Luckily it turned out to be the right decision – we have grown at a steady pace, managing to keep the core stable and intact, while expanding the team in Denmark and opening offices in Norway and the US, without losing our soul in the process.

We were a bunch of techie geeks having fun back then. We’re still a bunch of geeks – techie geeks, now with a sprinkle of business geeks.

Thank you all for taking part in the journey – we have many, many miles to go yet, and I look forward to every one of them.

Onwards and upwards from here!

Kent and Peter CTGlobal 20 years